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AOS Mirrorverse Fic: Fate and Machinations

Title: Fate and Machinations
Series: Empire Series
Author: [personal profile] tmbreck / [ profile] eclectic_tongue
Beta: [personal profile] velvetwhip
Rating: Anybody
Character: Chapel/Spock T'Pau
Summary: To ensure she was loyal to the cause, however, T'Pau herself would raise the girl.
A/N: First two stories are linked in this post, third in this post. Just like those stories, this is set in the Reboot Mirrorverse. Also, any and all Vulcan in this story is probably mangled beyond recognition. While not direct Chapel/Spock, it is being worked toward, and is part of the series.

Since before she was born, the Terrans had ruled over T'Pau's people without mercy. Vulcan as a whole had been absorbed into the Empire and there had seemed very little that could be done about it. Yet in spite of the apparent hopelessness of their cause, there were some working behind the scenes, waiting for an opportunity to arise, a way to exploit a weakness in the Empire.

Their patience was rewarded when one of the Imperial Fleet's own ships was attacked by what was later was revealed to be a Romulan vessel.

In the chaos of the war against Romulus and its people, it had been easy to move allies into influential positions. The ultimate goal was to have a Vulcan leading the Empire, specifically the half-Terran son of Sarek.

Naturally, for him to be accepted as their leader, the Terrans would have to see Spock as if he were almost one of them. Eventually, he would have to take one of their women as his own. To ensure she was loyal to the cause, however, T'Pau herself would raise the girl.

To this end, a couple had been found and – influenced – into bearing a child. It had taken four standard years to find and condition the couple, then impregnate the female. Today, the time spent would bear fruit.

“Sarlah ko-veh”

T'Pau was drawn out of her musings by an attendant announcing the baby's arrival. Watching the Terran male walking toward her carrying the infant, the priestess could almost see another piece fall into place. This girl, raised as a Vulcan yet trained to blend in as a Terran, would be instrumental to the success of the Vulcan cause.

“We've named her Christine.”

Ignoring the father's words, she removed the child from his arms and, holding her close, unwrapped her. After affirming the child was fully formed, T'Pau gently placed two fingers along the side of the baby's head.

“Ko-mekh wimish.”

Paying no heed to the raised eyebrow of her attendant, she carried her new daughter deeper into her home. It would take much time and patience to ensure the little one's shoulders could bear the weight of her duty, but T'Pau was prepared to do whatever was necessary.

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